Coastwise’s COS Mariner monomaran launches at Next Generation Shipyards

At Next Generation Shipyards B.V., the monomaran – COS Mariner of Coastwise Offshore Services B.V. was launched.

The COS Mariner, the third ship in the Next Generation Shipyards’ NG Endurance 2727 class, will be finished in the following weeks. The ship will be employed as a crew tender in the offshore wind industry following the technical sea trials and the transfer of the vessel from the yard to its owners.

The cutting-edge design combines the benefits of a typical catamaran and a monohull, resulting in better speed for the same installed power, more economical fuel usage while operating at the same speed, and increased comfort because of reduced roll when operating in choppy seas.

The 27-meter-long COS Mariner can hold 30 (thirty) People and transport between 15 and 22 tons of cargo. A 25 knot top speed is possible. The vessel can be used for surveying as well as O&M tasks.

For Coastwise Offshore Services B.V., the commercial operations are handled by Seazip Offshore Services B.V. in Harlingen, Netherlands.

Image source: Coastwise Offshore Services

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