Kitepower makes key appointments to support airborne wind energy

The importance of airborne wind energy systems (AWES) is rising as the globe moves toward a more sustainable energy mix. According to Kitepower, AWES can offer a scalable and affordable renewable energy solution by harnessing the power of the wind at greater altitudes with less material than typical wind turbines.

As a result, there will be less need for fossil fuels, which will lessen the effects of climate change. By supplying energy to places that are currently off the grid or underserved, AWES can help expand access to renewable energy sources. Kitepower has the ability to upend the industry and offer a competitive alternative to conventional wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies in light of the rising need for renewable energy solutions.

Key appointments

“As we continue to work towards our mission of revolutionising wind energy, we recognize the importance of investing in our team. That’s why we have been rapidly expanding our team, bringing on board the skills and expertise needed to make our vision a reality,” Kitepower wrote.

With its recent staff expansion, Kitepower has added some critical talent to advance the company’s goal of revolutionizing the wind energy industry. A Chief Operations Officer, a Senior Product Manager, and a Flight Test Manager are among the new employees.

As Kitepower’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Walter Hueber will be in charge of managing the company’s operations and making sure they are effective and efficient. This entails overseeing the company’s logistics, production procedures, and supply chain in addition to collaborating closely with other departments to make sure that all facets of the enterprise are coordinated and working toward a single objective. Waler will be essential in assisting Kitepower in expanding its business and commercializing its technology.

Eduard IJsselmuiden will oversee the creation and marketing of Kitepower’s goods in his capacity as Senior Product Manager. This entails creating the product roadmap, collaborating on the design and construction of the products with the technical team, and launching them. Eduard will also be in charge of overseeing the product lifecycle, making sure that Kitepower’s products are marketable and match client needs. In order to launch one of the first airborne wind energy systems into the market and establish itself as a leader in the industry, Kitepower needs this function more than any other.

Andrei Luca, who will be in charge of managing Kitepower’s flight testing program, will serve as the position’s Flight Test Manager. In order to validate Kitepower’s technology, this entails developing and carrying out flight tests, analyzing flight data to enhance performance, and working with the technical team to apply modifications based on flight test outcomes. Additionally, Andrei will be in charge of making sure that Kitepower’s flight testing program is carried out properly and in accordance with legal criteria.

Overall, Kitepower’s objective to commercialize one of the first ever airborne wind energy systems has advanced significantly with the inclusion of these key team members.

Image source: Kitepower

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