SK Oceanplant to utilize’s Jacket Lifting Tool on Asian offshore wind project

The team, headquartered in Utrecht, has been working on the design and creation of a Jacket Lifting Tool with a total SWL capability of 2500 tons over the previous few months. The South Korean company SK Oceanplant will utilize this specially developed lifting gear for planned offshore wind projects in Asia.

The Jacket Lifting Tool has undergone a thorough design process during the engineering stage. The final lifting tool was created using the design during the subsequent construction process. After the building phase, a thorough Factory Acceptance Test was conducted (FAT). The customer and an outside surveyor were present throughout this test.

“We are proud to say that the FAT was completed successfully. The Jacket Lifting Tool has been certified in accordance with DNV-ST-0378,” the company said via social media.

The top rigging and other parts have now been taken apart for shipment. Two 40-foot standard containers and two 40-foot flat racks will be used for transportation.

The Jacket Lifting Tool will be put back together after the parts have reached the South Korean construction site, and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) will follow. The installation and testing activities will be overseen by, who will also be present on-site.

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