Windplanblauw underwater cable-laying activities take off

Last week, activities to lay underwater cable routes in the IJsselmeer for the nearshore part of the Windplanblauw wind power project in the northwest corner of Flevoland started.

Windplanblauw reports that the shoalbuster Barney was deployed in the first week of March to carry out a pre-lay grapnel run. This involves using a towing anchor to sail over the site where the cable routes will be laid in order to remove any obstacles before the cables are laid.

In the second week of March, the Wagenborg 1 will start the cable laying in the field. Beforehand, a number of trial runs will be carried out. The cable-laying activities will start from the directional drillings under the IJsselmeerdijk that were already installed last year. Cable laying will be carried out throughout the project area on the IJsselmeer. The work is expected to last until mid-May.

Ballast Nedam, meanwhile, continues the foundation works. The construction of the basic forms of the foundations was completed in February, followed by the concrete pouring. The foundations will soon have to support the 24 GE Cypress 5.5 MW wind turbines.

Onshore work

Work has recently been carried out on land to remove the temporary works. These are nearing completion. A number of activities remain before delivering the area in its final state, planned before 1 April. All work is scheduled to be completed before the summer.


Windplanblauw is being developed by Vattenfall and SwifterwinT. It concerns a repowering project in which 74 old wind turbines will be replaced by 61 new and more powerful wind turbines that should eventually generate enough electricity to supply over 1 million Dutch citizens. This is roughly the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 450,000 households. Of the 61 wind turbines, 24 will be located outside the IJsselmeer and 37 on land. All land turbines are already installed. Source: Windplanblauw

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