Barge Master starts final mobilization of Feeder system for offshore wind

Barge Master has started the last stage of mobilization for the newly constructed BM-Feeder system.

To see how the BM-construction Feeder’s was going, the Barge Master crew gathered at Rometal Constructive Solutions in Rotterdam, the company noted via social media.

The BM-Feeder from Barge Master is the tool for feeding the newest generation of wind turbines. This motion-compensated platform can feed all turbine components, including WTGs from future generations, thanks to its expandable cargo capacity.

The Barge Master BM-Feeder eliminates heave motions by compensating for roll and pitch motions at the base of the turbine components, where a heave correction solution in the hook helps.

To remind, Barge Master got a total cash infusion of €7.5 million from the Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam in order to accelerate the building of Feeder solution.

Image source: Barge Master (LinkedIn)

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