Dieseko’s GIANT 2000 Upending Vibratory Hammer complete

The GIANT 2000 Upending Vibratory Hammer has been finished by Dieseko Group, a Dutch manufacturer of hydraulic equipment for the foundation sector.

The largest offshore vibratory hammer in the world, Dieseko’s GIANT 2000 Upending Vibratory Hammer, has departed the factory for its final load test.

“This GIANT 2000 is the result of our sustainable ambitions and will enable Dieseko Group to execute further its strategy to install or decommission XXL-monopiles for wind turbines in a fast, safe and more silent way,” the company said via social media.

In close collaboration with offshore professionals from TWD and De Meyer NV, the GIANT 2000 is being developed. The unique machine that will work in the most environmentally friendly manner is the result of the combined innovative power. The GIANT 2000 is a crucial advancement toward a sustainable future.

Different tube diameters, tube weights, and even the number of gearboxes for the eccentric moment can all be accommodated by the modular design idea.

Image source: Dieseko (LinkedIn)

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