First hydrogen powder factory in Amsterdam uses wind energy in production

A memorandum of intent (MOI) was signed last week by Zenith Energy Terminals and Electriq Global, a provider of end-to-end hydrogen solutions, to construct the first powdered hydrogen plant ever at Zenith Energy’s terminal in the Amsterdam port region.

The three on-site wind turbines from Zenith are used to generate electricity for the Electriq Global factory, which creates hydrogen powder based on green hydrogen. Generators can produce electricity from this hydrogen powder. This enables activities that presently rely on diesel generators, like building activity, to become more sustainable. The benefit of powdered hydrogen is that it is harmless and simply needs water to react. It can be utilized separately from the power grid because no connections are necessary.

First in the world

“This facility is the first of its kind in the world and will serve our customers in the Benelux market,” said Baruch Halpert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Electriq Global. “We are working to further expand our powder manufacturing capacity to drive our planned expansion into global markets by establishing similar partnerships in other geographic locations.”

Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam: “The arrival of this factory is a wonderful example of the ongoing energy transition that is taking place in our port, in which we are working towards realizing a sustainable fuel hub. We are happy to welcome emerging technologies that operate in line with this transition – such as this factory. In this way we facilitate more intensive use of our location and the collaborations between various parties that are active in the port area”.

Attempts in Amsterdam to use hydrogen

One of the many hydrogen initiatives that will be implemented at the port of Amsterdam over the next few years is the opening of the hydrogen powder plant. For instance, as part of the H2A project, we are collaborating with other port-related businesses and parties on the import, processing, and storage of hydrogen. HyCC is also developing a green hydrogen plant in the port, and we are accelerating the local hydrogen economy by building hydrogen pipeline networks.

Image source: Port of Amsterdam

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