Parkwind and TeSuCon to deploy Evacuator fire-proof escape system at offshore wind project

Belgian wind developer Parkwind and TeSuCon BV have agreed to deploy the Evacuator fire-proof escape descent mechanism at the offshore wind turbines.

The 23 Vestas V164 offshore wind turbines of the Parkwind Northwester 2 wind farm, which has been in operation in the Belgian North Sea since 2020, will have the Evacuator collective escape descent system installed. This system is completely automatic, fire- and panic-proof, and totally automated.

“With this agreement Parkwind steps in the forefront as a genuine leader by improving the safety and survivability of their wind turbine technicians, we are extremely proud and happy that the Evacuator, fire-proof and panic-proof, escape descent system, will significantly improve the safety and survivability of the technicians who are working high up in the nacelle to keep our wind turbines running,” the company said via social media.

Technicians will panic and become anxious in the event of a wind turbine fire because they only have a few seconds to flee. It should go without saying that the technicians require a highly usable rope-free escape descent mechanism rather than a rope-based rescue method.

See below video for a demonstration of the Evacuator system

Image source: TeSuCon

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