Van Oord installing HKN cables while TenneT conducts final grid readiness tests

Van Oord is laying cables off the coast of Noord-Holland to connect the first HKN wind turbines to TenneT TSO’s “socket at sea,” according to CrossWind, a joint company between Shell and Eneco that is developing and will operate the Hollandse Kust (noord).

The wind turbines that will soon encircle this “socket at sea” have a tip height of 225 meters and an 11 MW capacity. Soon, the combined output of these turbines will be sufficient to power one million homes with green energy.

The final monopile for the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm was previously installed by Van Oord.

The offshore wind farm is located 18.5 kilometers off the Dutch coast, close to the seaside town of Egmond aan Zee. It will eventually have a total installed capacity of 759 Megawatts and produce at least 3.3 TWh annually.

According to CrossWind‘s social media posts, TenneT is doing the last tests necessary for DNV to certify that the grid is ready for commissioning. All 69 wind turbines will be linked to the TenneT offshore platform and grid by the end of the year.

Anne-Marie Taris, Interface Manager at TenneT, explains why: “Because you cannot all work at the same time in a limited space, good coordination is important. By putting together a good schedule, we can together ensure that everything goes safely, smoothly and with minimum risk”.

Image source: CrossWind

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