Last pile driven for Windpark Hanze in Flevoland

In the northeastern Flevoland municipality of Dronten, the final pile was driven for Windpark Hanze.

The wind farm will have a total of 15 wind turbines installed in 2 lines, with 9 along the Hoge Vaart and 6 along the Hondtocht. End of August 2022 saw the start of the first piling project. Beginning with the Hoge Vaart, and starting at the end of December, the Hondtocht. For foundation, a total of 50 piles were driven.

According to Windpark Hanze, preparations for the construction of the concrete tower parts also began two weeks ago. On the concrete towers, General Electric wind turbines will shortly be installed. This relates to the Cypress 6.0-164 type, which has a 6 MW installed capacity with rotor diameter of 164 metres, axle height of 166 metres, and tip height of 249 metres.

The wind farm will have a 90 MW installed capacity in its entirety. The wind turbines are anticipated to produce 350,000 MWh annually when combined. Early in 2024 is when the wind farm is anticipated to be completely operational.

78 MW of output will be purchased by Vattenfall through a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA). Under a ten-year corporate power purchase agreement, Cargill, a leading provider of food, agricultural, financial, and industrial goods and services, will buy 2.9 terawatt hours from Vattenfall (CPPA). As a result, more than 90% of Cargill’s electricity needs in the Netherlands may be met by renewable energy. The Zuiderzeeland Water Board receives direct access to the energy generated by the other two turbines. Because of this, their electricity use is entirely sustainable.


A local venture called Windpark Hanze was started by 26 farms and 180 local investors through Windshare Groen BV and Waterschap Zuiderzeeland. WPH Aangelanden BV, Water Board Zuiderzeeland, Meeuwentocht BV, and Windshare Groen BV are the four shareholders of Windpark Hanze. A part of Windplan Groen is the wind farm.

Image source: Windpark Hanze

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