Ampelmann secures six new deals in US offshore wind

Ampelmann, a Dutch offshore access provider, has committed to six new deals in the American offshore wind market for 2023, 2024, and 2025.

The contracts for the two new offshore wind farms being constructed off the coast of New England in 2023 have been secured. Ampelmann’s motion adjusted gangways will help with the installation, wiring, and commissioning of the turbines at the Vineyard and Southfork wind farms, two of the first US commercial offshore wind farms that will supply the area with renewable energy, in the upcoming year.

The first project takes place at the Vineyard wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, while the second project is at the Southfork wind farm, which is situated on the outer continental shelf close to Rhode Island.

Both projects will make use of the E1000 and A300 systems. Based on tried-and-true Ampelmann E-type technology, the E1000 has a 1,000kg lifting capacity and can switch from a personnel to a cargo transport mode in a matter of minutes. The Ampelmann A300 can transport up to 300kg of cargo and can switch from crane to gangway mode in about 30 seconds.

Ampelmann will support its systems with Operation Control Center (OCC) support available around-the-clock, and through its digital platform, Ampelmann Insights, the company will offer workability forecasts and project management tools to further enhance the workability and efficiency of offshore operations.

Image source: Ampelmann

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