Exploration study starts for fourth large wind energy plan in Flevoland Province

On Friday 31 March, seven initiators and three governmental bodies signed a letter of intent for, Windplan West, the last of four wind energy development plans in Flevoland province. Together, they will explore the repowering possibilities in the designated area in the province. This includes looking at a possible expansion of the area.

The area is one of four areas designated by Flevoland province in 2016 for large-scale wind energy production. The other areas are Zeewolde, Windplanblauw and Windplan Groen. These areas are already partly completed or in the completion phase. Windplan West is the last major wind project to be developed for the time being. Together, they contribute to Flevoland province’s ambitions to be energy-neutral by 2050 at the latest.

Exploring possible extension of the area

Limiting factors in the area, including the presence of Tennet high-voltage power lines and height restrictions due to flight routes to and from Lelystad Airport, have made it difficult to develop a profitable wind plan. Now, initiators and authorities see opportunities, Flevoland province reports. This includes looking at expanding the designated area to include an area north of Lelystad which includes both land and water (IJsselmeer). The parties have agreed to first consider nearshore wind in this proposed expansion area. The study should determine whether this is feasible. That exploration will last until the end of this year.

Initiators and authorities

The seven initiators are united in Vereniging Windplan West. They are ENGIE Energie Nederland, EWI Windpark, HeijBro, Vereniging Solitaire Windmolen Eigenaren, Wageningen University & Research, Wilava Holding and Windshare West. The three authorities are Municipality of Lelystad, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and Province of Flevoland. Since a wind plan larger than 100 MW is forseen, the rule is that the central government will coordinate the project. This is regulated in the so-called State Coordination Regulation (RCR). Source: Province of Flevoland

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