Eagle-Access Academy for on-site simulator training and demonstrations launches

EAGLE-ACCESS (EA), a Dutch developer of new offshore access solutions, is launching its Eagle-Access Academy for on-site simulator training and demonstrations.

The Academy’s most advanced simulator equipment, technology, and instructional tools give prospective operators the best access training. Standing on the bridge of a sustaining DP vessel and raising four passengers in a cabin without a gangway.

Crane operators can now be taught onshore on a simulator to do EA-work at sea safely and effectively. EAGLE’s resemblance to an offshore crane makes training quick. Hence, skilled crane operators can become EA operators without expensive or time-consuming training. The simulator at EAGLE-ACCESS’s IJmuiden headquarters allows risk-free simulation of genuine events.

The simulator replicates offshore reality. Operating offshore in all conditions—day and night, good and rough sea states, and vessel motions—can be mimicked and trained. Simulator and EAGLE use the same software. Operators can train and test on these digital twins.

EAGLE-ACCESS instructors can manipulate all senses with the simulator. Images are shown around the future operator to replicate ship (6 DOF) and EAGLE system motions. New offshore operators are taught at the EAGLE-ACCESS Academy to handle any situation. The simulator can show interested parties the actual access system.


The reliable EAGLE-ACCESS system is a single, completely balanced, electrically powered offshore transfer system that can safely transport workers and cargo weighing up to 1,000 kg from a ship on DP to permanent oil and gas installations or wind turbines.

The gangway-free stair-free system uses onboard power supply rather than a diesel engine, has no hydraulic components, is noise-free, and can be installed anywhere on a ship’s deck. Because there is no gangway involved, it is immediately transfer-ready.

Image source: EAGLE-ACCESS

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