Dieseko’s GIANT 2000 Upending Vibratory Hammer arrives in Westdorpe

After more than a year of engineering and production, Dieseko’s GIANT 2000 Upending Vibratory Hammer has arrived in Westdorpe for testing and certification.

In a “huge” frame made by Mammoet, the load testing will come after the tilt tests. A few load tests of more than 2000 tonnes can be used to securely lift and install monopiles that weigh about 900 tonnes.

The GIANT 2000 is being created in close cooperation with offshore experts from TWD and De Meyer NV. Monopiles XXL for offshore wind turbines will soon be softly and effectively installed or decommissioned using Dieseko‘s GIANT 2000 Upending Vibro.

Image source: Dieseko

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