Fugro to carry out geotechnical survey for floating wind farms OSS in Mediterranean Sea

Fugro has been given a contract by RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Electricité) to carry out a geotechnical research for potential offshore substations (OSS) at two floating wind farm locations in the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Lion.

OSS are an essential part of wind farms because they collect the electricity generated by wind turbines and transform it into high voltage before export cables transport it onshore. Fugro’s Geo-data will offer knowledge of the state of the seabed, enabling reliable and effective OSS design and assisting in the derisking of the project’s upcoming stages of development.

Fugro deployed its Gargano vessel, outfitted with cutting-edge drilling, sampling, and cone penetration testing machinery, after carefully assessing the environmental effects. To gather information on the ground conditions for OSS foundations, Fugro will conduct a number of deep geotechnical boreholes.

A thorough ground model that incorporates previously gathered geophysical data will be created using the geodata that results from Fugro’s research. RTE and developers will use this as input for next bids and OSS designs.

With each of the two sites having a capacity of 750MW, these offshore initiatives are a part of the French government’s intentions to hasten the growth of offshore wind power in France.

Image source: Fugro

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