Jumbo Maritime progresses monopile pieces transportation for US offshore wind farm

Jumbo Maritime, a transportation solutions provider based in Schiedam, is going forward with the transport of monopile components for a US offshore wind farm.

The HLV Fairpartner of Jumbo Maritime just finished its third trip in a row for a US offshore wind farm project. To save time and fuel while travelling to the USA, the ship’s crew loaded the first monopile components in Germany in the middle of December.

This project, which is about to leave on its fourth voyage, demonstrates the breadth of the Jumbo-SAL-full Alliance’s project logistical capabilities. 150 monopile segments will be transported by the corporation from Germany to the States in total. The Fairpartner will haul 9 monopile sections (3 full MPs) on each journey as part of the project’s overall scope. The part that will be carried is the heaviest, weighing 742 tonnes.

The company announced on social media that the ship will undertake 7 consecutive voyages while using biofuel in emission-controlled areas.

The crew has hired Roll Group’s Big Roll Beaufort for 6 consecutive journeys, each involving 15 monopile pieces, to help with the complexity of the project and the timeline (5 full MPs).

Image source: Jumbo Maritime

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