GIGA Storage to realise large-scale energy storage on former DAMCO site in Delfzijl

GIGA Storage B.V. will realise large-scale energy storage on the former DAMCO site in Delfzijl with the aim of solving local congestion and providing grid balancing services to TenneT.

In the settlement of the bankruptcy of DAMCO Aluminum Delfzijl Coöperatie U.A. the trustee E. Eshuis has sold the closed distribution network with the connection to the high-voltage network to GIGA Storage, GIGA Storage, a developer, investor and operator of large-scale energy storage projects in Europe. Groningen Seaports has signed a new lease agreement with GIGA Storage for a period of 50 years.

A large amount of sustainable energy is generated in the Delfzijl region. Energy storage will play an important role in the temporary storage of this sustainable energy and, when there is a shortage of energy, in putting it back on the electricity grid. The location is directly connected to TenneT’s high-voltage grid. The purpose of this energy storage project is to solve local congestion and provide grid balancing services to TenneT. This will ensure that the grid is stabilized and that more parties can be connected.

“It is good to see that such a striking location with an enormous Groningen history will now be partly used for the new economy: increasing the amount of sustainable energy on our network. We are also pleased with TenneT’s positive support for this project,” says Cas König, CEO of Groningen Seaports.
“For Groningen Seaports, this is an additional and logical step in the energy transition. Our locations originally housed several fossil power plants. By facilitating large-scale energy storage in addition to wind turbines and solar parks, we are demonstrating that we consider sustainable energy important.”

3GW of energy storage in 2030

“As unfortunate as it is that this industrial beacon of Delfzijl had to stop, we are also very pleased that we have the opportunity to replace a large industrial energy consumer and thus give a sustainable interpretation to the location”, says Ruud Nijs, CEO GIGA Storage. “We are committed to providing energy solutions that ensure grid stability without having to deploy fossil fuel power plants. The project means an acceleration of the roll-out of our projects. GIGA Storage aims to have at least 3GW of energy storage under management by 2030. By taking over the closed distribution network, GIGA Storage can take a major step towards achieving this objective.”

GIGA Storage will now begin designing and planning the facility and permit application. They work closely with various agencies to ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed of developments and remain involved in the process. Source: GIGA Storage

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