Official opening of Energiepark Pottendijk

On 18 April, Shell officially opened Energiepark Pottendijk in Emmen. The park is the largest energy park in the Netherlands combining wind and solar. It is also the first onshore wind farm in the Netherlands for Shell.

Energiepark Pottendijk consists of 14 Nordex N131/3600 wind turbines with 84-m hub height, 149.5-m tip height and 3.6 MW capacity, and a 35-hectare solar park with 90,000 solar panels. The wind turbines and solar panels have a combined installed capacity of over 100MW. The expected annual production is 157 GWh. The first turbine is operational since autumn 2022. The solar park was connected in December 2022.

Together with stakeholders, municipality, contractors and local residents, Shell festively opened the park. Several parties worked on the project. Over the past six years, Pondera has been actively involved in the development of the project. In 2018, Pondera supervised the EIA procedure and did the permit applications for the wind farm. In addition, Pondera provided the solar and wind yield study based on wind measurements (LiDAR campaign). Pondera then supervised the sale of Energiepark Pottendijk through an extensive tender, from which Shell emerged as the buyer. Even after the sale, we remained intensively involved during the realisation phase. On behalf of new owner Shell, Pondera took care of the permit and environmental management.

VolkerWind was responsible for the design and realisation of the entire Balance of Plant (BoP), consisting of the (temporary) construction roads, crane stands, the entire (park) cabling, procurement station and the wind turbine foundations. Source image: Shell

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