CrossWind hires Oceans of Energy to install and run offshore solar at Hollandse Kust Noord

Oceans of Energy has been given the contract by CrossWind, a partnership between Shell and Eneco, to install and run offshore solar within the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm.

The first offshore solar farm to be erected, linked, and run inside of a wind farm under strong wave conditions is this one. The wind park will be operational by the end of 2023, while the offshore solar farm will be realized in 2025.

By combining offshore solar with offshore wind, it is possible to generate electricity on sunny but calmer days and so make better use of the offshore power grid infrastructure. In order to effectively share the available sea space, the solar panels will be positioned between the offshore wind turbines. The Hollandse Kust Noord project by CrossWind is a cutting-edge offshore wind park that will utilize modern engineering solutions and cutting-edge technologies to increase the flexibility of offshore wind parks.

In order to improve the efficiency of wind parks, this is the first wind park to commit to developing and demonstrating offshore wake management technologies such closed-loop active wake steering in conjunction with the cutting-edge active wake mixing.

Image source: CrossWind

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