Fugro gears up for OTC 2023 in Houston

Fugro, a Dutch geotechnical and survey company, is gearing up to participate in the 2023 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to be held in Houston, Texas.

As a supporting sponsor and exhibitor in the Energy Transition Pavilion, Fugro will showcase their innovative Geo-data solutions to offshore energy professionals from over 90 countries. The OTC conference provides a unique opportunity for Fugro to collaborate with existing and prospective clients, exchanging ideas on the evolving energy landscape and demonstrating their commitment to driving the energy transition forward.

Fugro will demonstrate its expertise in Geo-data acquisition, analysis, and advice in support of various offshore energy activities, such as offshore wind, floating LNG, carbon capture and storage, and oil and gas inspection. Remote and autonomous technologies will be at the forefront of these conversations, as the company’s cutting-edge capabilities drive the evolution of modular, lightly crewed, and uncrewed vessels supported by a global network of remote operating centres for faster, safer, and more sustainable projects.

IRO Netherlands Pavilion

Fugro’s CEO Mark Heine will make his return to the conference and will participate at the IRO Netherlands Pavilion, an independent non-profit organization for Dutch suppliers in the offshore energy industry. Fugro has been an active member of the IRO for decades and Heine was named chair of the organization last June.

Despite the company’s ambitious goals to support the energy transition and expand the use of remote and autonomous technologies, Fugro may face challenges in its quest for sustainability, including the financial costs of implementing these technologies, regulatory barriers, and potential pushback from the traditional offshore energy industry. Nevertheless, Fugro’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and its proven track record of providing innovative solutions make it a valuable player in the offshore energy industry.

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