Iver gives nine NegMicon NM52 wind turbines new home

Recently, a special project was completed by Iver – Experts in wind for a client in Oupia, France, involving the dismantling and transportation of nine wind turbines to the Caribbean island of Barbados, where they are expected to be rebuilt next year.

The nine wind turbines were from NegMicon, type NM52, and were replaced by newer and more efficient models. The wind turbines were transported with special equipment to the port of Sète and then shipped to Barbados, where a multidisciplinary team of six Iver experts carried out the disassembly in France and the assembly in Barbados over four weeks. Seniors and juniors in training worked together, and professionals from the Netherlands contributed in the field of work preparation in relation to implementation, transport, and safety. A crane and transport company was also involved, as well as a shipping company from the port of Sète for the shipment.

How wind energy can have a positive impact?

The project presented many challenges, such as coordinating with many different parties and dealing with different laws and regulations in France and Barbados. However, the experienced professionals from Iver, in collaboration with all parties involved, managed to carry out the assignment safely and efficiently.

This project is a perfect example of how wind energy can have a positive impact globally. Giving used wind turbines a second life in areas where sustainable energy is lacking can provide a new power supply, reduce waste, and promote the circular economy. The project in Barbados shows how the wind energy sector is continuing to evolve and become more sustainable, and how companies like Iver are leading the way in making an impact on the world of tomorrow.

The April 2023 edition of Windpowernl magazine features an interview with Iver. Read the article HERE.

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