Windplanblauw starts tower section installation nearshore

Installation of the tower sections for Windplanblauw’s nearshore wind turbines started this week.

The IJsselmeer will host 24 GE Cypress 5.5 MW wind turbines. Contractor company Ballast Nedam has designed and built special foundations for these. Work on the foundations was recently completed.

The tower sections will be transported by water from the Alaska Port Amsterdam to the construction site in the IJsselmeer. The transport is provided by Mammoet. The tower parts are transported upright to minimise handling on water, Windplanblauw reports. The tower parts can be up to 60 metres high. To protect them from the wind, a so-called vortex-killer (the spiral that is visible on the tower parts) is used.


Windplanblauw is being developed by Vattenfall and SwifterwinT. It involves a repowering project in which 74 old wind turbines are being replaced by 61 new and more powerful wind turbines that should eventually generate enough electricity to supply roughly the equivalent of 450,000 households per year. Of the 61 wind turbines, 24 will be located outside the dikes in the IJsselmeer and 37 on land. Source: Windplanblauw

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