IQIP collaboration paves the way for Japan’s first private-sector offshore wind project

The offshore wind energy industry in Japan has received a boost with the construction of the country’s first 100% private-sector offshore wind power generation off the coast of Nyuzen Town in Toyama Prefecture.

The project aims to produce enough clean energy to power approximately 3,600 households. IQIP, a global supplier of foundation installation equipment, has been working alongside the client to ensure the success of the project.

With monopiles measuring over 51 meters in length and 5.5 meters in outside diameter, IQIP’s equipment has played a critical role in the installation of the wind turbines. The spread includes an S-2000 hammer, a Flanged Upending Tool (750t FPUT), and a Pile Guiding Tool (PGT), all of which have contributed to the success of the project.

The collaboration between IQIP and the client has been crucial to the project’s success, highlighting the importance of public-private partnerships in the transition to renewable energy. By combining the expertise of both private and public sectors, the project has taken a significant step forward into achieving Japan’s ambitious energy transition goals.

However, there are still potential challenges to overcome in the offshore wind industry in Japan, including the high cost of development and the complex regulatory process. Despite this, the successful construction of this offshore wind farm proves that Japan has the potential to become a major player in the offshore wind industry in the years to come.

Image source: IQIP

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