Windunie makes strides in sustainable energy with Energy Garden in South Assen

Windunie and its partners are making strides in sustainable energy with the realization of the Energy Garden in South Assen.

The acquisition of the share of the Energietuin Assen-Zuid owned by the French energy company ENGIE by Windunie’s commercial director, Eelco Bots, is a crucial step in linking local sustainable energy generation and purchase to the preservation of biodiversity and recreational opportunities in the area.

The Energy Garden is a concept that aims to accelerate the energy transition by maximizing local ownership of sustainable energy systems. Windunie, together with Energy Cooperative Sustainable Assen, the Nature and Environment Federation Drenthe, and Bronnen VanOns, is working to realize this vision in South Assen. Most of the Energy Garden will eventually be transferred to Energy Cooperative Sustainable Assen, consistent with Windunie’s approach to maximizing local ownership.

This innovative project aims to promote sustainable energy generation, preserve biodiversity, and increase the recreational opportunities in the area. The project will feature a combination of solar panels, wind turbines, and other sustainable energy sources, which will be used to generate electricity for local residents and businesses. The Energy Garden is also expected to serve as a natural habitat for wildlife and to promote ecological diversity in the area.

Positive impact

The project has the potential to positively impact the region by creating job opportunities, increasing energy independence, and reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, the local ownership of the project will ensure that the economic benefits of sustainable energy generation are realized by the community.

While the Energy Garden is a promising project, it also faces potential challenges. One such challenge is securing the necessary funding to realize the project. The project will also require the support of local residents and businesses, who will need to be willing to participate in the project.

Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of the Energy Garden make it a project worth pursuing. Windunie and its partners are taking a crucial step in accelerating the energy transition and promoting sustainable energy generation by promoting local ownership of sustainable energy systems.

Image source: Windunie

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