AGIX Energy plays key role in decommissioning of French wind turbines

Les Penages, Hauts de Melleray and Voie Blériot Ouest wind parks in France have reached the end of their first life cycle on April 26, 2023, marking a significant milestone for the region.

The wind parks consist of 13 Nordex N90 wind turbines and have been in operation since their planning phase began in 2002. AGIX Energy BV has played a key role in the turnkey decommissioning process and is proud to have contributed to this historical event.

The decommissioning process of the wind turbines was carried out by a team of professionals, including Sarens, UAB Wind Turbine, and CAPGREEN. These companies worked with full dedication and ensured that all dismantling processes were carried out safely.

The owner of the wind parks, JP Energie Environnement, has now turned its focus to the construction of new wind turbines. The company is making significant progress and is on track to complete the repowering process by installing new Vestas wind turbines.

AGIX Energy BV is also working hard to secure the delivery of Nordex wind turbines and their components to their second life destinations. The loading operations are underway, and more news is expected to follow.

The repowering of the wind parks is expected to have a positive impact on the region’s renewable energy production. The new wind turbines will be more efficient and will generate more energy, thereby contributing to France’s renewable energy targets.

While the decommissioning and repowering processes have been successful, there are still potential challenges to be addressed. For instance, some stakeholders may oppose the installation of new wind turbines due to concerns about the visual impact on the landscape.

Despite these challenges, the decommissioning and repowering of the Les Penages, Hauts de Melleray and Voie Blériot Ouest wind parks serve as a remarkable example of how companies can work together to achieve a common goal and contribute to a sustainable future.

Image source: AGIX Energy

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