Acta Marine eyes French offshore wind market with new subsidiary

Acta Marine, a leading provider of innovative solutions to the offshore industry, has established a new subsidiary, Acta Marine France, and opened a new office in Montoir de Bretagne, France.

The move is aimed at increasing Acta Marine’s local presence and better serving clients in France, one of the largest and most promising markets for offshore wind in Europe. The new office, which will be shared with Acta Marine‘s long-term partner Alka Marine, will also facilitate the deployment of Acta Marine’s fleet in the region, providing easy access to nearby offshore wind farms.

With the establishment of Acta Marine France, the company will be able to build up a strong local team and provide safe, efficient, and comfortable accommodation and walk-to-work services to offshore wind developers in France more efficiently and effectively. This move is part of Acta Marine’s efforts to position itself for the local market and increase its presence in the rapidly growing offshore wind industry.

French renewable energy targets

France has set ambitious targets for renewable energy, aiming to produce 40% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Offshore wind energy is expected to play a significant role in achieving these goals, with the country targeting the installation of 7,000 MW of offshore wind capacity by 2030. As a result, the French offshore wind market is one of the largest and most promising in Europe, with many projects in the pipeline.

Acta Marine’s increasing fleet of CSOVs and SOVs are specially designed to provide safe, efficient, and comfortable accommodation and walk-to-work services to offshore wind developers. The company was chartered by GE Renewable Energy in 2022 for the commissioning of turbines on the Parc du Banc de Guérande project, and will assist Siemens Gamesa with turbine commissioning scopes in 2024 and 2025 on the Fécamp and Courseulles wind farms.

New opportunities

The establishment of Acta Marine France and the opening of the new office in Montoir de Bretagne will enable Acta Marine to better serve its clients in France and capitalize on the growing offshore wind market in the region. The move is also expected to create new jobs and contribute to the local economy.

While Acta Marine’s entry into the French offshore wind market presents new opportunities for the company, it also poses potential challenges, including regulatory compliance, competitive pressures, and the need for effective collaboration with local stakeholders. However, with its strong track record and commitment to safety, Acta Marine is well-positioned to navigate these challenges and establish itself as a leading player in the French offshore wind market.

Image source: Acta Marine

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