Pondera leads wind energy study in Indonesia

Pondera, a renowned renewable energy company, has been awarded a project that focuses on the development of onshore wind energy in Indonesia.

Titled “Wind Energy Development in Indonesia: Investment Plan,” this initiative is led by the Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) and hosted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

The 1.5-year study, which is set to commence soon, is a collaborative effort between Pondera and its partners: PT Witteveen Bos Indonesia, the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE), PT Quadran Energi Rekayasa, and PT BITA. This presents a valuable opportunity for Pondera to establish strong partnerships with experienced organizations in Indonesia and share its expertise in wind energy from the Netherlands with the country.

The study aims to achieve the several objectives including designing a comprehensive roadmap for the onshore wind sector in Indonesia and conducting a thorough review of permit requirements for the sector and a selection of potential wind sites.

It also includes mapping the wind energy potential across the country and identifying any gaps for the selected wind sites and creating a guide that highlights investment opportunities in the onshore wind sector. The objectives also include facilitating wind power technical working groups to bring together key stakeholders.

Collaboration with Indonesian entities

Throughout the study, Pondera will work closely with major stakeholders in the Indonesian wind energy sector. This includes collaboration with entities such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), state-owned electricity company PLN, and Independent Power Producers (IPPs). By engaging with these stakeholders, Pondera aims to expedite the development of wind energy in Indonesia.

Although Indonesia already has two utility-scale wind projects in Sulawesi, there is a pressing need to establish a concrete pipeline of viable wind projects that can attract investor interest. The study conducted by Pondera and its partners will contribute to addressing this gap and provide a solid foundation for the expansion of wind energy in the country.

Pondera is excited about the collaboration with UNOPS and ETP and is committed to sharing intermediate results of the study as soon as possible. This open approach will facilitate knowledge sharing and ensure transparency throughout the project.

Image source: Pondera

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