First floating foundation for Provence Grand Large loaded out

The first floating foundation for a wind farm in France has been loaded out, Smulders informed.

This groundbreaking project showcases the country’s commitment to harnessing the power of wind, equipped with new generation turbines, on innovative floating platforms.

Manufactured at Eiffage Métal’s factory in Fos-sur-Mer, the three floating foundations feature an ingenious anchoring system, with two submersible buoys at either end. These towering foundations, standing at 45 meters high, will provide the necessary support for wind turbines capable of producing an impressive 8.4 MW of clean energy.

Floating wind farms have emerged as a promising solution for countries with deep-water coastlines, where traditional fixed-bottom foundations are not feasible. By utilizing floating platforms, wind turbines can be deployed in deeper waters, unlocking vast offshore wind potential and expanding renewable energy generation possibilities.

Provence Grand Large project

The Provence Grand Large project, spearheaded by Smulders and its partners, aims to establish a pioneering wind farm off the French coast. The innovative floating foundations will enable the deployment of cutting-edge wind turbines, maximizing energy production while minimizing environmental impact.

The goals of this project are multifold. Firstly, it aims to harness the power of wind to generate clean and sustainable electricity, contributing to France’s ambitious renewable energy targets. The floating wind farm is expected to make a significant contribution to the country’s energy transition and help reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Offshore wind potential

Furthermore, this project showcases the advancements in offshore wind technology and the potential for floating foundations to unlock previously untapped wind resources. By venturing into deep waters, France can capitalize on its offshore wind potential, opening up new areas for development and attracting investments in the renewable energy sector.

The potential impact of the Provence Grand Large project extends beyond the generation of renewable energy. The development of floating wind farms will drive economic growth, create jobs, and foster technological innovation. It presents opportunities for collaboration between engineering firms, construction companies, and renewable energy developers, stimulating the growth of a thriving offshore wind industry.

Image source: Smulders

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