Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management switches to Maasvlakte wind power

Eneco has been constructing Windpark Maasvlakte 2 on the edge of the second Maasvlakte for Rijkswaterstaat for the past 1.5 years.

The 22 turbines are now producing environmentally friendly electricity, allowing the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to instantly make the switch to renewable energy.

Throughout the year, the 22 wind turbines of Windpark Maasvlakte 2 produce 416 GWh of green electricity. The average annual consumption of 152,000 households is the same as this. To completely sustain the energy supply of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (the ministry under which Rijkswaterstaat falls), half of the green power is consumed. Offices, but also 20 tunnels, 1143 bridges, and 5500 km of lighting for the highway.

The ministries of defense, justice, and security, the interior, and kingdom relations, as well as the Central Government Real Estate Agency, will receive the other half of the power starting in 2024. Defense facilities, jails, courts, and government offices among others use this electricity.

Green energy

The park helps the government remain sustainable in this way. With the help of Maasvlakte 2’s electricity, the federal government will soon use 40% green energy. In order to achieve the national government’s 2030 aim of using only renewable energy, this is a crucial step.

Beginning in 2022, Eneco began work on this wind farm’s construction. It’s a special park with 12 turbines on the beach and 10 on the dike, with one of them even having its foot in the sea at high tide. built using offshore technology in a localized environment. The tight collaboration with the municipality of Rotterdam, the province of South Holland, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Central Government Real Estate Agency, and the ongoing coordination with (local) stakeholders made the successful realization possible in part.

Image source: Eneco

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