CAPE Holland to deliver CAPE VLT-640 Triple spread to Boskalis

CAPE Holland has been awarded a contract by installation contractor Boskalis for the supply of a CAPE VLT-640 Triple spread.

For the Moray West offshore wind farm and Offshore Substation Platform foundations, the soil strata at risk of pile run will be safely upended and crossed by monopiles using the CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology.

Monopiles installation

The CAPE VLT-640 Triple, which Boskalis will use to install the XXL monopiles, is expected to be mobilized in the second half of 2023. For the installation campaign, Boskalis will send out its DP2 Heavy Lift Vessel Bokalift 2, which has a wide cargo deck measuring 7,500 m2 and a 4,000-ton crane capability.

An impact hammer will next be used to drive the piles all the way through. The monopiles can be up to 93 meters long, with a top diameter of 7.5 meters and a bottom diameter of up to 10 meters. They can weigh up to about 2,000 tons. When opposed to driving piles with an impact hammer, the vibro lifting technology minimizes potential pile runs and is more quieter.

With an eccentric moment of about 2,000 kgm and a safe operating load of 2,200 tons, the CAPE VLT-640 Triple spreads out hydraulic power units and a control cabin.

Earlier the company received another order for the Morray West project from DEME for the provision of a CAPE VLT spread.

Moray West

Off Scotland’s east coast, in the Moray Firth, is where you can find the Moray West offshore wind farm. Up to 1.3 million homes in the UK will be able to be powered by the 882 MW wind farm. Two substations and 60 offshore wind turbines make up the development; they are all mounted on monopile foundations. Due to the size of the turbines (14.7 megawatts) and the depth of the water (up to 54 meters), this development will require extraordinarily massive XXL monopiles that can weigh up to 2,000 tons each.

Image source: CAPE Holland

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