SeaZip renames and reflags crew transfer vessel

Today, Dutch offshore shipping company SeaZip Offshore Service (SeaZip) officially renamed and reflagged its latest addition to their fleet of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) at its home port Harlingen.

Seazip took over the vessel from shipping company Groen at the beginning of April this year. The vessel has sailed under the name ‘Green Waves’ and the British flag during her first project. The formalities for sailing under the Dutch flag as SeaZip 9 began immediately upon handover.

“We put pressure on it,” says Jan Reier Arends, “because the market is increasingly asking for vessels that sail under the EU flag. We wanted to meet that specific requirement as quickly as possible.”

In 2020, SeaZip 9 was the first Fast Crew Supplier 2710 supplied in the Netherlands by Damen Shipyards. It is a further development of the Damen FCS 2610, of which SeaZip has four in service. These were converted into 24 PAX vessels in March 2022. The complete SeaZip fleet consists of seven own 24 PAX Crew Transfer Vessels, including SeaZip 9. SeaZip also provides the commercial management for third parties. Source: SeaZip

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