The Netherlands prepares for certification of Nederwiek and Doordewind wind farm zones

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, in collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), has undertaken the task of conducting site characterization studies for the Nederwiek and Doordewind Wind Farm Zones.

The purpose of these studies is to provide detailed data and information about the offshore sites, including soil conditions and wind and water conditions. This information will be crucial for commercial developers participating in future permit tenders to prepare competitive bids for the development of wind farms in these zones.

The RVO has been entrusted with the responsibility of gathering and preparing all the necessary site characterization data. Once the studies are complete, the developers will receive comprehensive information packages containing the detailed findings. The objective of this tender is to award a contract to a qualified tenderer who will undertake the certification of the site characterization studies, focusing on soil conditions and wind and water conditions specific to the Nederwiek and Doordewind Wind Farm Zones.

The official publication of the tender is expected to occur around 24th June 2023, with the contract anticipated to start in November 2023. The procurement does not consist of multiple lots, indicating that the contract encompasses the entirety of the certification project.

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