TenneT takes control of Hollandse Kust Noord platform

The Dutch transmission system operator (TSO), TenneT, has officially taken over the Hollandse Kust Noord platform, marking a significant milestone in the development of offshore wind energy.

The platform, which will serve as a crucial hub for the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm, was constructed through a successful project engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and offshore hook-up process. The takeover was finalized with the signing of the Taking-Over certificate.

Equans-Smulders deal

TenneT awarded the joint venture Equans-Smulders the contract in March 2020 to design, engineer, produce, deliver, transport, and install a 700 MW offshore substation for the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm. The project aimed to establish an efficient supply chain, minimizing the distance from raw material to installation. Steel and corrosion protection systems were sourced from European suppliers with an Environmental Product Declaration, while the steel constructions and outfitting were carried out in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In addition to its environmentally conscious approach, the Hollandse Kust Noord platform incorporates eco-friendly solutions. The substructure of the platform features “fish hotels,” which include eco blocks and reef balls installed on the scour bed beneath the platform. These measures aim to enhance marine biodiversity and contribute to sustainable ecological systems.

Wind farm without subsidies

The CrossWind consortium, comprising Shell and Eneco, won the tender for the Hollande Kust Noord offshore wind project in July 2020, with the ambitious goal of operating the wind farm without government subsidies. The consortium plans to have the wind farm fully operational by 2023, generating a minimum of 3.3 TWh per year. This project aligns with the Netherlands’ commitment to increasing renewable energy production and reducing carbon emissions.

Hollandse Kust West Alpha and Beta

Furthermore, the Equans-Smulders joint venture is also the contractor for TenneT’s Hollandse Kust West Alpha and Hollandse Kust West Beta platforms. Construction is currently underway for both platforms, with completion expected by the end of 2023 and the middle of 2025, respectively. These platforms will contribute to the Netherlands’ offshore wind energy capacity, strengthening its position as a leader in renewable energy production.

Image source: Smulders

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