Ørsted continues to work with 4 startups in the area of energy storage

Offshore wind developer and operator Ørsted is entering into further collaboration with four startups from the Dutch Ørsted Propel programme. These are four innovations in the field of energy storage.

By further supporting these innovations and testing technologies, Ørsted aims to contribute to a Netherlands running entirely on green energy.

Ørsted Propel was launched by Ørsted and Rockstart in late 2022 as part of the new Dutch Innovation Hub for sustainable energy. Early this year, eight startups were selected from more than 150 applications to participate in this unique open innovation programme. They have since successfully completed the programme. The four startups are: phelas, RFC Power, suena and Geyser Batteries.


phelas ensures that solar and wind energy is always available, regardless of the weather. Aurora, their innovative solution for large-scale energy storage, uses a thermodynamic process to store energy in liquid air. Together, they are exploring the feasibility of a commercial-scale application.

RFC Power

RFC Power aims to develop the cheapest form of long-term energy storage to enable the transition to 100% renewable energy. Using a patented hybrid flow battery based on manganese and clean green hydrogen, RFC Power is developing long-term energy storage with high efficiency, a long life cycle and low investment costs. In the coming period, a trial will be set up with containers to test the implementation.


suena‘s software “suena Autopilot” enables the innovative near-real-time operational optimisation of energy storage systems. It also promotes energy storage trading through automatic communication with both power plants and electricity trading. The idea is to apply this solution at Ørsted’s battery storage facility.

Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries believes the future is electric. The team produces safe, high-cycling, cost-effective power batteries with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Together with Ørsted, they are testing different use cases.

The aim is to support them in the market introduction of their energy storage solutions. This will focus on the possibility of reducing technological and commercial risks in order to accelerate larger-scale application. The four parties can all contribute in their own way to a better integration of renewable energy in the Dutch energy system. Source: Ørsted

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