Vos Prodect’s innovation for securing offshore fibre optic cables

Vos Prodect, an engineering company, recently took on the challenge of creating a Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system to securely fasten smaller cables to a shipping barge platform.

This innovative solution showcases Vos Prodect‘s expertise and engineering capabilities in the offshore industry.

Vos Prodect developed a miniature version of their Cable Hang-Off Clamp system specifically designed for fibre optic cables. The Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system is available in Painted and/or Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel, providing options to suit different project requirements. It can accommodate a range of fibre optic cable diameters and offers a quick turnaround lead time. The system can be obtained as a split design or a continuous unit, depending on the installation methodology. It secures the fibre optic cable by clamping onto its armour wires, ensuring stability and reliability in offshore environments.

Engineering expertise

Vos Prodect’s successful creation, delivery, and deployment of the Mini Fibre Optic Cable Hang-Off Clamp system demonstrate the company’s deep understanding and experience in the offshore industry. Their core engineering capabilities shine through in finding effective solutions for subsea challenges. This innovation highlights Vos Prodect as a reliable partner in the offshore sector.

Image source: Vos Prodect

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