Deventer municipality sees possibility of wind energy along A1

Deventer, a city in the Netherlands, is considering the expansion of wind energy along the A1 highway to meet its ambitious climate targets.

The mayor and aldermen have proposed designating the area between the IJssel River and the eastern municipal border as a potential site for wind energy projects, subject to specific conditions. The area is already identified as a search area in the municipal and provincial environmental visions, making it the most promising location. The plans for wind energy will be developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and evaluated against established regulations set by the municipality.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The adoption of wind energy is crucial for Deventer to achieve its goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 and becoming energy neutral by 2050. The city council approved the RES 1.0 and Deventer’s contribution of 212 GWh to the West Overijssel’s RES bid in July 2021. RES 1.0 outlines a 60/40 ratio between wind and solar energy, with wind accounting for 127 GWh (equivalent to 8 to 9 wind turbines).

The Municipal Executive aims to provide clarity by reaffirming the designated search area along the entire length of the A1 in accordance with the municipal and provincial environmental visions. This decision will offer residents a clear understanding of the council’s intentions to fulfill their sustainability ambitions.


While wind energy is considered essential for achieving these goals, the municipality will establish regulations to govern its implementation. The rules for wind energy projects will be formulated in collaboration with interested parties and are expected to be developed by the third quarter of 2023. Residents and entrepreneurs interested in wind energy projects must adhere to these regulations, some of which are legally mandated, while others will be determined by the municipal council. The framework will include conditions to ensure that local residents can participate, provide input, and benefit from the projects.

Designating the search area will also facilitate accelerated investments in energy infrastructure. The Province of Overijssel recently provided a “Weighing Framework Provincial Multi-year Infrastructure Energy and Climate Program (pMIEK)” which prioritizes investments in power grid enhancement by Enexis based on the designation of search areas for wind energy. This decision is expected to grant Deventer a higher priority for energy infrastructure investments.

Provincial integration plan

By establishing the search area and developing a comprehensive assessment framework for wind initiatives, Deventer aims to prevent the intervention of a provincial integration plan. The municipality will request that the province refrain from processing permit applications within the designated search area until the municipal assessment framework has been established.

The proposed expansion of wind energy in Deventer holds the potential for significant positive impacts. It will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promote the transition to renewable energy sources, and stimulate local economic growth. However, several challenges lie ahead, including ensuring community engagement, addressing potential environmental impacts, and coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation process.

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