Iver: When our people go the extra mile, we have to give the same energy back

The wind market is developing at lightning speed. The latest technologies follow each other in rapid succession and the demand – as well as the wind turbines – is getting bigger and more complex. As a European ISP leader, Iver – Experts in wind bears the responsibility of continuing to develop its employees in this work field, competently and safely.

Sjoerd Bartlema

But how do you do that with the ever-growing demand for manpower? Sjoerd Bartlema, CEO, shares his views on development, cooperation and being a good employer in this industry.

How does Iver anticipate the rapid developments in the market?

“We anticipate in several ways. We are continuously expanding our network both nationally and internationally, and make sure our people can continue to develop. We recently established our Iver
Wind Academy, where colleagues at every level are challenged to bring out the best in themselves. We are not only committed to the technical development, expertise and professional knowledge of our
people; we also encourage them to grow at a personal level.”

Can you tell a little more about the Iver Wind Academy?

“The Iver Wind Academy was created to offer education and training to our own people, from interns to experienced mechanics. Colleagues should have the opportunity to continue to develop, and to share knowledge and expertise with each other. Also, starters are immediately given a personal learning program with us. They are supervised by senior mechanics, who can take on the role of junior
supervisors and thus develop their leadership skills. They help shape the teams. It is great to see that the senior mechanics also get a lot of energy out of this. This is a reason for experienced professionals
to join Iver.”

How do you want to see these efforts reflected in practice?

“We need to build strong teams of people we can rely on, who work safely and are there for each other. We also provide more varied assignments and challenging jobs with great clients. On the other
hand, we deliver standard quality to these clients. Upon completion, they must be able to say: “Iver has been here.” We want people to be proud to belong to Iver. Creating a pleasant working environment,
both within the company and with the client, is the basis of everything. That’s a high priority for us.”

Images owned by Iver

How do you create a nice working environment for your staff?

“As an employer, we think it is most important that people are in their place. That they can work safely and competently. That’s why we actively work on being an excellent employer. In other words, we
strive to be the best wind employer in Europe. There is a lot involved in this. At Iver, we know what we can offer our professionals, such as good working conditions, but also a wide variety of assignments. Professionals become part of a growing company that continues to expand its services. This includes a
variation of disciplines. Because of our internationalization, we can give them a dynamic work environment with several challenges, as well as opportunities overseas, if that’s where their heart rests. This is how we build a great company together, in which our culture is leading. We take care to ensure that the family atmosphere stays, even as we expand.”

That’s quite a large family to maintain. How do you maintain this small scale in view of your
international growth ambition?

“A better world starts with us, so we think big. That’s the only way we can make an impact. In addition, of course, we have several local branches and are mindful of the environment in which they are located. The preservation of the small-scale character lies mainly in the attention paid to everyone’s personal situation. If things do not go well personally, we strive to assist where we can as an organization. Our people devote themselves energetically to our company every day. As an employer, we must ensure that they
maintain their energy on the floor, but also at home. When our people go the extra mile, we need to give the same energy back.”

Iver – Experts in wind
Working with energy to create the world of tomorrow. That is what Iver – Experts in wind, stands for. For over 25 years, our wind turbine maintenance company has achieved this by extracting the maximum efficiency from their clients’ turbines. Currently, Iver consists of more than 120 experts in the Netherlands and Spain, and this number will continue to grow in the coming years.
Join the Iver team: check their vacancies or talk directly to a representative of Iver at WindDay 2023 in Lelystad on 15 June.

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