Energiehaven project in IJmuiden secures €2M European subsidy

The Energiehaven project in IJmuiden, aimed at facilitating offshore wind activities, has secured a significant European subsidy of €2,0 million.

This funding will be allocated to a study phase essential for the construction of a 580-meter-long quay, which will serve as a hub for receiving, assembling, and maintaining wind turbine components at sea.

Rosan Kocken, Ports Commissioner, expressed the significance of this subsidy as a crucial step towards realizing the Energiehaven project. The focus is now on developing a robust and viable business case, and the European subsidy plays a vital role in this endeavor. The receipt of the subsidy brings positive news and paves the way for a collective decision in the autumn regarding the project’s next phase.

Collaborative effort

The Energiehaven will be a public port area strategically positioned on the seaward side of the North Sea Canal, just before the IJmuiden locks. It is designed to serve as a central base for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, contributing significantly to the energy transition and the sustainability of the North Sea Canal region. The development of the Energiehaven is a collaborative effort involving the Ministry of I&W, the province of North Holland, the municipality of Velsen, Tata Steel, Zeehaven IJmuiden, and Port of Amsterdam. A decision will be made in the autumn regarding the partners’ progression to the concrete plan elaboration phase, with the aim of making the Energiehaven operational by 2027.

The subsidy amount forms part of a larger European subsidy of over €125 million allocated to the Netherlands for the construction and enhancement of transport infrastructure. The European Commission, through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), provides this funding to support sustainable transportation projects, including railways, inland shipping, and aviation.

Image source: Noord-Holland

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