First turbines rise at Hanze Wind Farm

Turbine installation for the onshore wind farm Hanze in the municipality of Dronten in north-eastern Flevoland recently kicked-off. Work is currently underway on the second turbine.

The wind farm will house a total of 15 wind turbines in 2 lines, along the Hoge Vaart (9) and 6 along the Hondtocht waterways. They are of the type Cypress 6.0-164, with 164 metres rotor diameter, 166 metres hub height, a tip height of 249 metres and an installed capacity of 6 MW. The wind farm has an installed capacity of 90 MW.

At the beginning of June, the first large components arrived from Amsterdam and the main crane was erected so installation could begin, although hampered by high wind forces and thunderstorm forecasts.

Hanze Wind Farm is a local initiative of 26 farmers, 180 local investors through Windshare Groen BV and the water authority Waterschap Zuiderzeeland. Hanze Wind Farm has four shareholders: WPH Aangelanden BV, Waterschap Zuiderzeeland, Meeuwentocht BV and Windshare Groen BV. The wind farm is part of Windplan Groen. Source: Windpark Hanze

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