Zeeland and Noordoostpolder latest areas to be announced grid congestion areas

Dutch national grid operator TenneT announced new congestion areas yesterday. This time it affects the areas of Zeeland and Noordoostpolder. TenneT is launching congestion surveys in both regions.

In Zeeland, there will be a temporary stop on new applications for wholesale customers who want a connection or an increase in their connection.The high-voltage grid is at maximum capacity in Zeeland due to a rapidly growing number of applications to connect electrolyzers, batteries and electrification of industrial processes, among others. Together, the applications account for 3.5 GW. This is comparable to eight times the current electricity consumption of the province of Zeeland.

TenneT will invest over EUR 1 billion in this region over the next ten years to structurally increase the capacity of the grid. The realisation of the capacity expansion for this region includes a new 150 kV network in Schouwen-Duiveland and Tholen and a new 380 kV network towards Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and a new 380/150 kV substation near Terneuzen and is expected to be completed between 2033 and 2035.

Noordoostpolder – temporary halt to new applications

With the rapid growth of solar parks and wind turbines, the limits of the capacity of the high-voltage grid in the Noordoostpolder are coming into view. The expected shortfall in available transmission capacity for generation relates to TenneT’s high-voltage grid and the underlying grid of regional grid operator Liander.

These sustainability plans are moving faster than grid expansions can be realised. TenneT is therefore announcing a temporary halt to new applications. Meanwhile, the national grid operator is working on structural grid expansions, which will be delivered in phases until 2031.

Congestion studies in both regions

TenneT is launching an investigation into the possibilities of applying congestion management (rush-hour avoidance). The results are expected in the first half of 2024. View the map for the current congestion situation in the Netherlands. Source: TenneT

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