NYK Bulkship to install Econowind’s wind-assisted propulsion unit on bulk carrier

Dutch company Econowind BV announced that NYK Bulkship (Atlantic), an NYK Group Europe Ltd, will install its VentoFoil wind-assisted propulsion unit on a bulk carrier engaged in a long-term charter contract with Cargill International S.A.

Econowind‘s VentoFoil unit is designed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during vessel navigation, taking a significant step towards a sustainable future in maritime operations.

With a 16-meter vertical wing acting as a sail, VentoFoil harnesses wind power to create propulsion through a unique pressure difference system. This innovative unit is placed on a 20-foot-long flat rack container, ensuring minimal disruption to cargo handling. Easy to install and relocate, VentoFoil maximizes efficiency and sustainability for NYK Bulkship.

The collaboration between NYK Bulkship and Cargill International S.A. represents a pioneering endeavor in reducing emissions and advancing environmental stewardship in the shipping industry. Source: Econowind BV

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