Foundations completed at Oostzeedijk Wind Farm repowering project

At the foot of the Zeelandbrug the 3 wind turbines of the Kats II wind farm from 2007 will be replaced by new, more powerful wind turbines. The construction work for this project started this year. Recently the concrete pour for the foundations has been completed.

The Kats II wind farm consists of 3 Vestas V90 wind turbines with 3 MW capacity each and is 50% owned by Dutch energy cooperative Zeeuwind and 50% owned by Camperwind. These will be replaced by 3 Nordex N149-5.7MW turbines. Upon completion, the wind farm will continue under a new name, namely Oostzeedijk Wind Farm.

Contractor H4A has been appointed to perform the infra, demolition, foundations and electrical work for this project. The work is being carried out under a UAV-GC agreement in which H4A is responsible for both the design and realization of the work. Foundation construction work started at the end of June and was completed in a few weeks.

Second repowering

The company was also involved in this wind farm in 2006, when the current three wind turbines were replacing four NegMicon 600 kW turbines.

Closed distribution system

In addition to replacing the turbines, the project will include an innovative closed distribution system. This allows for sufficient grid capacity for the electricity production of the new turbines and will also provide neighboring company Kingfish enough power to meet its growth ambition. Source & image: Zeeuwind/H4A

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