Pondera to organise study and conferece on offshore wind potential in Indonesia

Dutch renewable energy consultancy Pondera has been contracted by the EU through the EU Climate Dialogues Project (EUCDs) to study the offshore wind potential in Indonesia and to organize an international conference on just energy transition and offshore wind energy.

The energy transition in general, and particularly the wind energy sector in Indonesia is still at an early stage. Two onshore wind farms have been developed in 2018 and 2019, while no additional wind farms have been developed since then. Only very limited activity has been taking place in the development of offshore wind farms so far.

In addition, the medium- to long-term potential for the development of offshore wind energy projects in Indonesia is poorly understood by most stakeholders. One of the most crucial yet understudied and misunderstood aspects of such development is its location-specific economic feasibility.  ​​Past studies conducted by academicians and private entities to investigate the offshore wind potential have resulted in several prospective locations for offshore wind development.


A more in-depth study will be done by Pondera to verify the wind data being employed by the studies, and to complement the wind resource assessment with other locational factors for the development (i.e. electricity demand and connection, readiness of infrastructure development, technological assistance, and business models). Ultimately, policy recommendations on offshore wind electricity tariff/pricing will be derived based on the results. The recommendations will be geared towards creating an economically-conducive environment in which offshore wind projects can proliferate.

Furthermore, the recommendations may be tailored for each prospective location based on the respective characteristics. Such a study would contribute to reducing the investment risk for offshore wind developers in Indonesia.  One goal of the study is to energize the sector and help move towards action. Close engagement with relevant stakeholders including the Indonesian Government, business community and other actors will be kept throughout the implementation of the study.

Conference on 25 October

The study also includes the organization of an International Conference on Offshore Wind and the Just Energy Transition in Indonesia, which will be organised at October 25th, 2023. This conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience from previous projects and to learn from the successes and failures of other countries during their offshore wind roll-out.

One of the goals of this conference is to facilitate stakeholder dialogues on potential, policies and recommendations and to generate interest in the Indonesian offshore wind sector. Source: Pondera

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