BigLift Shipping transports crane components for Cadeler’s jack-up Wind Orca

Dutch heavy lift shipping company BigLift Shipping, member of the Spliethoff Group, is currently transporting the components for the 1600-ton leg crane for Cadeler’s offshore wind installation vessel Wind Orca from Korea to the Netherlands.

After successfully manufacturing, completing the Factory Acceptance Tests and load-out of these crane components, BigLift Shipping‘s heavy lift vessel Happy Sky is now on her way to Mammoet in Schiedam. Here the crane components will be fitted onto the Wind Orca jack-up vessel for Cadeler.

Cadeler awarded the contract for a new heavy lift crane to NOV in April 2021, later that year followed by the order for a similar crane replacement on Cadeler’s vessel Wind Osprey. The upgrade will ensure the O-class vessels are ready to install the next generation wind turbines.

With a lifting capacity of 1600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters and the main hook at 159 meters above the main deck, the new heavy lift crane offers a substantial capacity upgrade compared to the existing NOV crane with 1200 metric tons lifting capacity at a radius of 31 meters.

The activities are a collaboration of the entire heavy lift team, working hand in hand with GustoMSC and NOV’s Marine and Construction colleagues in Korea and Norway. Source: BigLift Shipping

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