C1 Connections receives DNV A-level component certificate for novel wind turbine connection

Dutch company C1 Connections BV has received the A-level component certificate issued by DNV at the Offshore Wind Foundations conference in Bremen, Germany. The certificate covers the application of the C1 Wedge Connection as an interface connection between monopiles and transition pieces, between foundations and towers, and between tower segments.

The C1 Wedge Connection™ is a patented novel wind turbine connection developed by C1 Connections BV. The ultimate and fatigue loads continue to increase with wind turbines continuing to grow in size and being installed on sites in increasingly harsh environmental conditions, or on floating platforms. The C1 Wedge Connection™ can deliver the high capacity that is needed for these next generation wind turbines.

It is a high-capacity connection that can be installed faster and safer than conventional bolted flange connections, which is said to result in an improved LCOE by reducing CAPEX and OPEX. It can be used in off- and onshore wind turbines, both in turbine towers and foundations.

The development of the C1 Wedge Connection started early 2017. In 2021, C1 Connections had already reached the A-level component certificate for a tower-tower connection. This is now expanded with the latest optimized flange manufacturing process including monopile – transition piece interfaces located in the splash zone.

“Our goal is to become the next standard in wind turbine connections. This ambitious goal means that DNV takes a very in-depth look at all the calculations. The thorough review by DNV has improved our solution. I am proud of our engineering team that has delivered this great result and look forward to implementing the C1 Wedge Connection in commercial wind farms.”

Jasper Winkes, Managing Director, C1 Connections B.V.

“In the past years we have been actively involved in the certification process of the C1 Wedge Connection. We are glad to hand the certificate to C1 Connections. This allows them to bring the C1 Wedge Connection to the market and presenting an alternative to the industry on par with the bolted and grouted connections.”

Marcus Klose, Head of section Offshore Technology and Innovation at DNV

The C1 Wedge Connection™ was introduced in the first wind turbine in 2021. This wind turbine has now been operating successfully for over 1.5 years. The company said more implementations in wind turbines are in the pipeline. Source: C1 Connections

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