First power for Hanze Wind Farm

Last Friday, one of the installed wind turbines in the onshore Hanze Wind Farm, located in the Dutch municipality of Dronten in northeastern Flevoland, produced its first electricity.

The tests are now being analyzed after which the wind turbine can enter the next testing phase. This reports Windpark Hanze.

The wind farm will have a total of 15 wind turbines in 2 lines. They are type Cypress 6.0-164 of General Electric, with each a 164 metres rotor diameter, 166 metres hub height, a tip height of 249 metres and an installed capacity of 6 MW. The wind farm will have a total installed capacity of 90 MW.

Turbine installation activities started in June. On August 25, Windpark Hanze reported that five wind turbines had been installed. The wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned in early 2024.

The Hanze project is a local initiative of 26 farmers, 180 local investors through Windshare Groen BV and the Dutch waterboard Waterschap Zuiderzeeland. Windpark Hanze has 4 shareholders: WPH Aangelanden BV, Waterschap Zuiderzeeland, Meeuwentocht BV and Windshare Groen BV. The wind farm is part of the much larger initiative Windplan Groen. Source: Windpark Hanze

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