Eager.one’s Jacket Lifting Tool successfully passes Site Acceptance Test

Just before the start of summer, Dutch company Eager.one passed an important Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of their remotely operated Jacket Lifting Tool at the premises of SK Oceanplant in South Korea.

Earlier this year, a custom designed and constructed Jacket Lifting Tool was disassembled into parts in the Netherlands and shipped into (standard) shipping containers to South Korea. After safe travels the Jacket Lifting Tool was completely reassembled on-site and ready for commissioning.

The tool was subjected to an extensive Site Acceptance Test by the SK Oceanplant team including a test lift of a Jacket Transition Piece, in close cooperation with the Eager.one project manager who was present on-site. After completion, the Jacket Lifting Tool was found to have passed the test with flying colors.

The Eager.one team was awarded the design and supply of a remotely operated Jacket Lifting Tool for South Korean offshore wind specialist SK Oceanplant.The remotely operated Jacket Lifting Tool will be used for upcoming offshore wind projects in Asia.

It will be able to handle up to 2500t jackets from the yard onto transport vessels. The HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) rigging design is engineered for two types of lifts; Floating inshore lifts with a sheerleg containing 4 hooks and for lifting with a land based Gantry Crane with 3 hooks, which is required for fabrication purposes (to lift the top section on the lower section). The lifting tool is specifically designed to have flexibility for the lifting of different types of jackets. Source: Eager.one

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