Integration plan and permits for IJmuiden Ver Gamma offshore connection irrevocable

The integration plan, final permits and exemptions and the Environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the offshore connection (Net op zee) IJmuiden Ver Gamma project are irrevocable.

This reports Dutch consulting firm Pondera which, in combination with Arcadis, prepared the MER and the permit applications. The documents were available for inspection from 23 June to 4 August 2023. No appeals were filed, meaning the decisions are irrevocable.

Net op Zee IJmuiden Ver Gamma

The Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Gamma project consists of an offshore platform to which the future IJmuiden Ver wind turbines will be connected, an underground cable connection at sea and on land, and a converter station from which the connection will be connected to TenneT’s national electricity grid. The Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Gamma connection runs from the northern part of IJmuiden Ver to the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam. Two more 2 GW connections run from the IJmuiden Ver wind energy area: Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Alpha (to the Sloe area near Borssele) and Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Beta (also to the Maasvlakte).

Arcadis and Pondera have also prepared the EIA and permit applications for Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta. For these projects, the main permits and incorporation plans are also irrevocable. Consequently, construction work for these projects has now started.


Arcadis and Pondera are also currently working on the grid connection of the next wind energy site in the North Sea: Nederwiek. Together, the IJmuiden Ver and Nederwiek wind energy sites will have 12 GW of installed capacity. This makes a substantial contribution to the Dutch government’s target of achieving around 21 GW of offshore wind by 2030. Source: Pondera

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