Business in Wind celebrates 5th anniversary

Today, on September 27, the Dutch company Business in Wind celebrates its 5th anniversary. In those five years, the company developed in a succesful business, working, with its partners, in countries all over the world.

Exactly five years ago, in 2018, Wim Robbertsen signed on and started at the helm of Business in Wind Projects. The company was founded to offer a professional solution for the many turbines to be dismantled in Western Europe. Soon the orders came in and the team expanded and so did the markets where Business in Wind is active in.

Now, Business in Wind is already well established and found by companies that want to install or decommission wind turbines all over the world, especially at challenging locations that require complex logistical solutions, where others would not take on the challenge.

Business in Wind is known for its philosophy: We do what we promise, We are loyal to our partners, The key to success lies in effective preparation, We deliver a secure project with exceptional quality, Sharing Commitment.

The projects the company worked on can be found all over the world, including beside the home country the Netherlands: Germany, Ascension Island, Italy, UK, Finland, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Austria, Romania, Chile, Kazakhstan, Wales, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Moldova, France, and Scotland.

Over the years, Business in Wind dismantled or installed several types of wind turbines, including: Vestas V27, V29, V42, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80, V90, EWT 900 kW DW52, NEG Micon NM48, NM52, NM54, GE 1.5SLE, 2.5, Lagerwey L82, LW50, REpower MD77, Nordex N80, Bonus 600, Enercon E-40, E-48, E-70, E-82.

The company said it has plans for the future and will soon shed more light on these plans. Source: Business in Wind

Read also the interview with Wim Robbertsen from 2021

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