Dutch province opens subsidy scheme for aircraft detection lighting systems

Based on international safety regulations, wind turbines of 150 metres and higher must be fitted with obstacle lighting. This is necessary to make them adequately visible to aviation. The lighting sometimes also causes nuisance for the surroundings. This month, the Dutch province of Gelderland is opening a subsidy scheme for an aircraft detection lighting system (ADLS) to reduce this nuisance.

Approach detection on a wind turbine is a safety and bird protection measure. Nevertheless, flashing lights sometimes also cause nuisance. There are concrete solutions available. Gelderland province will open a subsidy scheme in September 2023 that will help to ensure that the lights can largely be switched off. Only when air traffic approaches will they still switch on. Using the detection system, the wind turbine lights can be turned off most of the time.

The province provides wind farm operators with a subsidy of 20% of the eligible costs (purchase of transponder technology or radar technology, installation of the transponder technology or radar technology, conducting a flight test). The State also contributes 20%, with a maximum of €8,000 per wind turbine. A total of €253,000 is available for this grant. Source: Province of Gelderland

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